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    Canadian History

  • Topic 1

    Week #1


    Welcome to our first week of Canadian History!

    The past is never simply the past. It always has something to say to us; it tells us the paths to take and the paths not to take.
    Pope Benedict

    When we look at history, there are many tools that we use to learn such as maps, timelines, charts, cartoons, pictures. We will explore these tools over the next 4 weeks!

    We are going to start this course off with a singing of the National Anthem! There are two versions here from Youtube. 
    The first one is in English and the second is in Cree!
    Please listen to both and then look at the translation of the Cree anthem.

  • Topic 2

    Welcome to Week #2


    This week we are going to look at some major events that have happened throughout Canadian History using timelines on the internet!

    Activity #1

    Use this interactive timeline to explore some of the major events in Canadian History and then share your thoughts in the forum!

  • Topic 3

    Week #3

    Political Cartoons!

    Don Cherry

    Political Cartoons are used to learn about history and current events.

    They give us an idea of what some opinions have been during historical events!  

    Political cartoons are used to state an opinion and to generate discussion.

    Cartoonists are employed by newspapers, magazines and e-zines (online magazines) to express political comments through their cartoons.

    Activity #1

    There are three main techniques that a cartoonist uses to get his point across to his reader.

    It is important to understand the techniques as they will help you read a cartoon and understand its intended meaning!

  • Topic 4

    Week #4

    Pictures and Biographies


    This is the final week of the course.

    Photos are used to show events that happened and let us explore how the world has changed.

    A biography is the story of someone's life written by another person! Reading biographies tells us about people and their influence in history.

    There are three things to do this week:

    Activity #1

    Who do you think the Greatest Canadian of all time is? 

    CBC wanted to know and they created a show about it in 2004 that had Canadians voting on it! Click below to explore who made the list!