AlphaPlus invites you to visit, as our Guest, a select number of courses developed by adult educators for adult literacy students. Please note that Guests are restricted as to which activities they can do in each course.

The sample selection of courses available to Guests shows how Moodle courses for an adult literacy student audience can look and feel. Presented here as stand-alone courses, they are devoid of the energy and dynamic generated when students and facilitators actively engage in them learning online together. 

Many of these courses were developed and delivered by 15 adult literacy educators contracted by AlphaPlus to develop and deliver 21 Moodle courses for our AlphaRoute online learning environment. 

Courses marked Request to Preview provide interested educators with opportunities to preview courses prior to requesting copies to deliver to their students.

Educators interested in previewing courses should send a request to info@alphaplus.ca specifying the course names to preview.