Check your browser (D1)

Click on the play button to listen to the message.

The page above this box is called a "Browser Check."

A browser is the way you look at the internet.

You might be using Internet Explorer , or Firefox or another browser.

The browser check makes sure your browser is working properly for the website you are looking at.

In some online courses you need to use certain settings to make the course work.

The browser check will tell you if you need to change any settings or upgrade anything.

Use your mouse and the scrolling bar to move around page.

Look along the left hand side. If you see a big green check mark over the picture it means that this item is working perfectly. Do nothing.

If you see a big red X over the picture it means that this item needs work.

For now, make a note of the items with the red X and tell us what they are in the How did your computer do? forum.