You can click on the Participants link (look right -> ) to see who else is taking this course. If you click on somebody's name, you will see their Profile.

Under their Profile, you will see a button that says Send message.
Click on this and a window will open and you can type a message to that person

Online Users tells you who is online right now.
You can click on the name of the person and send them a message.

Check to see if you have any messages...

Look right -> at the Messages block.

If you see a name in tiny blue writing and a teeny tiny envelope with a teeny tiny number beside it, you have a message!

Click on the name to see that person's profile.
Click on the teeny tiny envelope  to read your message.

Click on reply to send a message back. 

The message block looks like this when there are no messages:

 No message
And this when there are messages:

Message with message

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