The Memory Project

The Memory Project is an online database that houses the oral histories and artifacts of more than 1000 Canadian veterans. The veterans represent a wide range of conflicts, including World War I, World War II, Korean War, Peacekeeping Operations and Canadian Forces experiences.

I have chosen two stories for you to listen to. (It was so hard to chose, as there are so many interesting stories here!)

There is a slight delay when you click, but the speaking will begin automatically. Turn up your speakers as they are recorded by the Veterans themselves.

When the Memory Project opens, you may have to click on the arrow/play button inside the green "Listen" box to hear the recording. Once it starts playing, you can click back on the Memory project page, if you would like to read along in the text version or look at the photos while you listen.

The first recording is by Bill Teleske who is a World War 2 Veteran.  He describes what it was like being in war at Christmas. (3.5 minutes)

Click Here on the blue link to listen to Bill Teleske.

The second recording is by Lorne Anderson who flew in a Lancaster bomber in WWII (World War 2). (4 minutes)

Click Here on the blue link to listen to Lorne Anderson.

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