Save and insert images (D3)

In this activity, you will do 2 things.

You will find a picture about karate and post it in a wiki. A wiki is a place to share information and ideas.

Steps 1 to 7 tell you how to find and save an image on Google Images.

Step 8 tells you how to find the Image Wiki. You can also find the Image Wiki on the main activity page.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Google Images.
    You will see a search bar that looks like this:

  2. Type in the word "karate."

  3. Click on the magnifying glass .

  4. Choose a medium sized image. Can you see where it tells you the size of the image?

  5. Click on the picture.
  6. Look in the right-hand sidebar. Click on Full-size Image:

  7. Right click the image and choose Save image as...
    and save the image to your desktop

    OR Look in the address bar and copy the address of the image.

  8. Go to the Image Wiki.

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