AlphaRoute Forum and Chat Room Rules, Etiquette, and Safety Tips


The forums and chat rooms are places where learners meet to develop frienships, share learning, and find out how to participate in forums and online chats!  It is a place online to relax, have fun, and meet other learners from across Canada.

Participation in the forums and chats is guided by rules and safety tips.  Rules and safety tips help ensure that learners and mentors feel free to express themselves while being respectful of others.

You are responsible for knowing these rules if you participate in the forums and chats.

The Rules

Treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.

The most important thing to remember is to show respect.

  • Don't use bad language or swear in the forums or chats.
  • No fighting.  No gossiping.  No being rude.
  • Respect other people's opinions and present yours in a respectful way.
  • Don't ask personal questions, such as the age, sex, or marital status of others.

The forums and chat rooms are not online dating sites.  There are many chat rooms online for finding romantic connections.  This is not one of them.


  • Say hello when you enter and say goodbye before you leave the chat rooms.
  • Please don't type in all capital letters.  Capital letters means you are shouting.  No one wants to be shouted at in a forum or chat room.

Safety Tips

Stay safe.

  • Do not give out personal information such as your full name, address, or phone number to anyone who you do not know very very well.
  • Never respond to messages that are angry or that make you feel uncomfortable.  Ignore them.
  • There is no reason for you to chat with people who are being mean or who are harassing you.  Just ignore the, or report them.

You are responsible for keeping yourself safe.

Open the Learning about chat rooms activity to learn more about Web etiquette and safety tips.

Report Problems

Report the username of anyone who breaks these rules to Nancy at [email protected]

Nancy will investigate reported concerns and will contact users who break the rules.

Failure to follow the rules can result in temporary or permanent removal from the discussion, chat and online courses areas of AlphaRoute.

By entering the forums and chat rooms you agree to honour the rules.

These rules can be changed at any time by the AlphaPlus staff.  Read them often.

Last modified: Tuesday, 26 July 2011, 5:04 PM