communicating Communicate!

Courses can be frustrating. Online courses can be frustrating in different ways than other courses. Learning to use online courses can be quite challenging when you are new.

Online teachers cannot see students trying. If you are having problems, tell me about it so we can solve the problem.

Some times people have problems with the technology. We can usually get help from our technical support people.

Sometimes people have problems with the activities. Let me know so that we can find a good way for you to participate.

Some other people might have had the same problem and your message will help them too.

Online teachers do not know when you cannot come to class or when your computer is not working. If you have to be away, let me know and we will find a way for you to catch up.

You can contact me in the forums, by sending a message, or by sending an email to me.

Last modified: Monday, 8 August 2011, 12:40 PM