studentsYou can participate any way you like.

Online courses work best if people
post great ideas or questions in the forums and respond to ideas or questions posted by other participants.

You can write very looooong things or very short things. Size does not matter! If you cannot think of anything to write, write about that.

Different people like different things and different people find different things boring. I hope that everybody will find something they like in each course.

Some people like to read a lot and some people do not. Some people like to write a lot and some people do not. I try to have variety of things to do so that people can choose to do the things they like best.

When you are having problems, have to be away, are finding something boring, are having fun, find another good reso
urce you would like to share... tell us!

certificateIf you would like to receive a certificate:
Not everybody wants a certificate, but if you do...

Each week you will see

"For people who want a certificate."

That tells you what you need to do that week if you want a certificate. It is usually a writing activity. Remember, even one sentence is writing. If you do not want to write or cannot write about something in a forum, let me know and we will find another way for you to partici

Do the evaluation. We can only give certificates to people who do the evaluation even if you do all the other work.

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