This artist is called Vincent Van Gogh.
Van Gogh was born in Holland in 1853 and lived in France.
You can go on a tour of all the places he lived here.

He painted many self-portraits (pictures of himself).
Here are some:
Spring 1886
Spring 1887
Winter 1887
Summer 1888

What can you tell about Vincent from these self-portraits?
What story do you think he is telling?
Why is he telling it?

(In the winter of 1888, Vincent became quite sick and depressed.
These pictures are from before people knew how bad he was feeling.
You can see later self-portraits here.)

Here is a video of the portraits
but not in the order he painted them.

Click on the arrow to see the video.

To see this video BIG, click here and then click on the full screen button.

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