A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Select the image of a person below and using the clues in the image, describe the person in detail - a biography!

Some details may need to be invented, but all should be consistent with the image. For example, don't have the man in a canoe (perhaps an explorer) fighting in World War II. Talk about things that he might do as an explorer or an early guide.

This should be typed out in a new post. Make sure to identify which photo (A, B, or C) you have selected.

Some things to consider in the biography:
Personal details: name, age, place of birth
Occupation and past work experience
Other skills
Places this person has visited or lived in
Personality: Is the person outgoing? Shy? Clever? Kind? Funny? Quick-tempered? Religious?
Strengths and weaknesses
Hobbies, interests, and favourite or least favourite things
What this person would most like out of life
Favourite expression
Anything else interesting

Pictures to choose from:

A. An explorer or an early guide


B. A pilot in a war (you can choose which war!)


C. A Native family in front of their tipi


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