Why learn algebra? Let me count the ways!

Why do people learn algebra? Spend the next 5 minutes reading one person's opinions on this website.

Once you've had a chance to consider what this website has to say, think about the points that the writer makes. I'm summarizing them like this:
  1. learning algebra gives your brain a good 'workout' similar to how working out in the gym improves your body
  2. learning algebra can increase your ability to organize other aspects in your life
  3. algebra is not for everyone. If you are going to make your living as an actor, you may not need algebra
  4. if you are a 'right brain' sort of person, you will probably find algebra a challenge to learn
  5. algebra can open doors to careers in science and engineering.
Which one of these 5 points best represents your opinions about learning algebra? Which point would you use to convince your son or daughter about the importance of learning algebra? Please explain your opinion in a forum post.

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