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    Using technology to tell your story

    Ida with headset

    This course started on October 8 as a one hour workshop at the Ontario Literacy Training Event held in Toronto.

    The workshop was part of the Adult Literacy Learners Leadership Forum.

    The workshop continues as a stand-alone course. 

    Nancy Friday is the course facilitator.

    Nancy Friday

  • Workshop purpose

    What's the purpose of this workshop?

  • Who's here?

    Who's in this workshop?

  • Jerry Lee Miller

    Use online journals - Literacies

    Jerry Lee Miller

    Jerry Lee Miller has participated in the literacy movement, in community-based and school board literacy programs as a learner, a facilitator, an activist, an outreach worker, an illustrator and artist, a researcher and project coordinator.

    Jerry Lee has served on the Board of Directors of the Movement for Canadian Literacy, the Ontario Literacy Coalition, the Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy and currently sits on the Board of Parkdale Project Read, a community-based literacy program in Toronto, Ontario.

    Jerry was interviewed by staff at the Literacies Journal about his efforts with other learners to write a Canada Literacy Act and have it discussed in Parliament.

  • Arnie Stewart

    Use videos

    Arnie Stewart

    Arnie Stewart, a member of Laubach Literacy Ontario, won the 1999 Flight for Freedom Award and sat on the Laubach Literacy Ontario Board of Directors as student representative and later as Vice President for many years.  Laubach Literacy Ontario has recognized Arnie's contribution to learner leadership by creating the Arnold Stewart Individual Achievement Award in 2002.  This is an award for adult learners from Laubach Literacy Ontario member councils.  Arnie lived in Niagara Falls, Ontario until his death from cancer in 2012.

  • Patricia Ashie & Ida Hilson

    Post on blogs

    Patricia Ashie        Ida Hilson

    Patricia Ashie started her journey as an adult upgrader in the St. Lawrence College Preparatory Upgrading Program in Kingston, Ontario.  Patricia has served as a student representative on the Ontario Literacy Coalition Adult Learner Network of Ontario, as the Ontario rep on the Learners Advisory Network of Canada part of the Movement for Canadian Literacy.

    Through her work with the Toronto Adult Student Association Patricia represented Canadian learners at an international conference in Kenya in 2006.  In 2007 Patricia was the first adult literacy student to participate in the International Adult Lifelong Learning Advocacy Association training course held in Uruguay.  Patricia has just joined the Board of Directors of the Ontario Literacy Coalition.

    Ida Hilson, from New Liskeard Ontario is a student leader in AlphaRoute.  Ida has presented an AlphaRoute workshop at the Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy's annual learner conference and has taken the lead in facilitating chat room parties in AlphaRoute.

  • Michael Shaughnessy

    Use email to send articles to newspapers and politicians

    Michael Shaughnessy

    Michael Shaughnessy, from Sault Ste Marie, is a member of the Ontario Literacy Coalition Board of Directors and his local literacy program board at Program Read.

    Michael took his distress about the cuts to literacy in 2006 to his local MP.  Michael met Tony Martin (NDP - Sault Ste. Marie) at a public pre-budget consultation on the federal cuts in early October 2006.

    Tony was so impressed by Michael that he encouraged a local television reporter, Sonyo Dinton of MCTV (Channel 11 in the Sault) to interview Michael for the local news.

    Michael and Tony met again a couple of days later at Tony’s office.  Michael told Tony that he was writing a letter to the editor to the Toronto Star about the cuts.  Tony asked Michael to send him a copy.  The Star published the letter on October 18 2006 and Tony read the letter to the House of Commons on October 19 2006 during a full day of debate about the cuts.

    Michael’s letter has subsequently been picked up by other media outlets and either been released verbatim or been used to support other articles on the topic of the cuts to literacy.

    Michael has also supported his views on the literacy cuts by taking the literacy petition, set up by Mario Silva (Liberal - Davenport), to be signed throughout his community.

  • Rubert Payea

    Build websites

    Rubert Payea      Rubert and Sue

    Rubert Payea won the Arnie Stewart Student Achievement Award at the 2007 Laubach Ontario Conference.  Here is a photo of Rubert accepting his award.  Rubert is from Beamsville, Ontario.

  • Gary Porter

    Write stories for the NALD story of the week

    Gary Porter

    Gary Porter, from Barrie Ontario has served as the Student Representative on the Laubach Literacy Ontario and Laubach Literacy Canada Board of Directors.  Garry received the Arnold Stewart Individual Achievement Award in 2003 and is a popular public speaker on behalf of literacy students.

  • Tell your story

    How do you tell your story?


    Do you use technology to tell your story?  Tell us how in the forum below.